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Publicidad exitosa a través de la comunicación digital

Plataformas digitales para la interacción

Successful advertising through digital communication

The digital signage it is changing the way in which successful advertising is made.

Long gone are the traditional static posters, those who lost time and money in its preparation and distribution, and that maybe were failing to exploit properly those unique qualities of your product or service.

To capture successfully the attention of the public mey be a difficult but not impossible task. As years goes by, we have discovered that the digital signage is the perfect method for customers to  watch closer your product.

10 advantages of digital signage

  1. Modernization of the point of sale or point of contact with user: move from traditional media to information displays or any other type of digital signage will make a store or commercial site to enter into a much more aesthetic and modern tech level. (A slate full of paper signs is very different than a Digital Display).
  2. Public’s attention Is better captured: Some studies state that digital signage generates more and better reacttion from the public than the information displayed on paper signs.
  3. Less paper waste: the companies using the digital signage, recognize an important saving issue in the use of paper, committing themselves to the care of the environment.
  4. The digital signage allows to transmit messages more quickly and efficiently, with the possibility of immediate changes in messages.
  5. The digital signage allows customers to interact with the content, engaging them more with your company or product.
  6. Cost Effective: Very often print advertising, flyers or pamphlets is a total waste of money, since this type of advertising tends to be quickly discarded by the client. In addition, often printed material don’t always have the expected quality or do not always transmit an added value.
  7. With the digital communication the customer has complete control of what is displayed, where and when is to be shown.
  8. The digital signage can be scheduled and programmed timely.
  9. Contents may be monitored and updated remotely and in real time, according to the needs of the moment.
  10. The digital signage fits all kinds of industries : Commerce, Health, Education, Food, Hospitality, Banking, Human Resources, etc.
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