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3 Decisions of The Digital Menu Changing The Game For Leaders of QSR

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3 decisions of the digital menu changing the game for leaders of QSR – MediaChannel

Digital menu monitors can make a big difference in a quick service restaurant sales and even in the final results. But, as everything related to the marketing, operators need to understand that all these devices are not the same,  and to get the most out of these tools of communication means better understand both their objectives and the type of device that is adapt to them.

Therefore, the leadership must determine whether to educate customers, improve the customer experience, increase sales or loyalty to the brand, drive traffic or any one of a large number of potential targets for the improvement of the business.

Solid work in this primary step can provide the path to the best provider of boards menu, which will naturally be the provider that specializes on this matter, or is a great word of mouth in the main area of the goal. Once you select the supplier, it is when decisions on the hardware and the content and administration of the campaign become a serious business.


One of the main considerations with the hardware is wether to use commercial or best quality components, for the consumer.

Consumer quality is what you probably have in your home to watch TV, they will be less expensive and they will do the job, but they will be reliable and will last? Commercial grade displays, if built properly, may be able to withstand high temperatures, moisture, grease and dust.

Another consideration  hardware wise,  is the size of the display. Important matters here, will include the available area for configuration and installation. Equally important are the distance requirements, possible obstructions in the line of sight and space constraints that will affect the ability of customers to read what is on the display.

To take into account additional elements include determining what kind of media player works best with the display and the display resolution that choose to provide optimal viewing.


When it comes to the content of the menu, “is not only the menu options… now selling is all that it is about!”

We recommend incorporating content that will capture the attention of the customer and make use of the “golden triangle”. The pattern that the human eye usually continue to watch a menu, starting at the middle,  and then moving to the right and to the left.

A restaurant can use this pattern to its advantage, through the careful placement of content. For example, a QSR having a top selling sandwich could be considered placing a beautiful picture of this hot item towards the front and in the center of the Board, in order to draw attention to the content.

Then, regarding the creation of content, careful preparation is essential, along with answers to some of these very important questions:

  • Does you staff have the technological expertise to give life to their menus?
  • Do you have personell on staff that can take your still photography and add subtle animations to make that hamburger looks more attractive?
  • Can you create HTML content for the menu panels?

If the answer to each of these questions is no, the company you should seek is  a provider of digital signage, who will help you create professionally designed high quality content.

Content management

The last point to consider is how the campaigns of QSR will be implemented. The greater the implementation, the  most important will be to consider the implementation of an efficient and well designed content management system.

It is recommended to analyze any system based on ease of use, level of development and frequency of updates, delivery of campaigns of capabilities and integration considerations. We emphasize the importance of asking additional questions too, including:

  • How complicated will be to get involved on a new location and how long it will take to a new Manager learning the interface, if necessary?
  • Do CMS provides training and ongoing support?
  • Do CMS uses templates that will easily accommodate the development and updates?
  • What media formats are supported, how the content is updated and how long it would take?
  • How easy or how hard is it to monitor, manage, and deploy campaigns, and how many campaigns can be programmed at the same time?
  • And the most important of them all: Wouldn’t be better to get a company dedicated to all those taskst, and make it responsible for helping me with the content and system support?

We also recommend to make a pause to ask if the system of content management that your brand has chosen, will be easily integrated with other systems, including POS platforms and social networks. And if the system chosen can get HTML data, even more  important for QSR operations of top-level management.


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