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5 Ways in Which the Digital Signage can Enhance Collaborators

5 ways in which the Digital Signage can enhance the participation of collaborators – MediaChannel

The success of an organization depends on its greatest asset. Committed employees are enthusiastic and committed to their work. They understand the goals and objectives of the Organization and are committed to its overall success. Contracted employees are less likely to leave the Organization to pursue other opportunities.

The economic benefit of participation of employees is out of the question. The outcome means higher productivity, better retention of employees, a positive, creative environment and, in general, a better place to work for all. Then, how does  the commitment of employees may improve your organization? Here there is a five-step guide:

First of all, take care of the basics. The commitment of employees is not always easy to define, but you (and your team) will recognize it whenever you find it. The Dale Carnegie Institute studies have found that there are three key influences on the participation of employees in the workplace:

  • Relations with the immediate supervisor;
  • Confidence in top leadership; and
  • Pride in working for the Organization

Are these three influences positively affecting the employees in your organization?

Setting up  communications digital at the workplace – Employee’s corks slates, memoranda and announcements on the public address system have been used for centuries to communicate with and between employees, but there was no guarantee that the information was coming to employees appropriate at the right time.

Digital communications devices such as digital signals, video walls, tablets and mobile phones, do integrate the best of these traditional channels of communication with the best in technology.

Most people associate digital communications with customer-oriented communication, but digital communications of employees can also be remarkably effective. Not only you can notify people of emergencies quickly, you can communicate information in real time in a way that is efficient and, often, entertaining also.

Making content appropriate to the public– One of the best things about digital communications is that you can do what successful television networks do and adapt the content to the audience and their needs. Consider a digital screen in a warehouse – a message greets the morning shift to work and reminds them  to complete their training of security on the due date could precede an HR message about changes in the plan of benefits. The company can also send customized information on the orders of the day and the key statistics from the last shift,  to the phones of any given employee or to a screen in the area

Digital signage in the locker room, could thank  the last shift for its work, show your shift’s key statistics, and provide updates in real time on weather and traffic conditions for your drive home.

Using digital communications for the recognition of your most important  asset.  An excellent use for digital communications and devices such as digital signage is the recognition of employees. The content could include coverage of officiall Awards won by individuals, or even social network information of the company. To provide employees a with a way of presenting positive information on their fellow coworkers, may help to maintain a positive work environment, and when the achievements of the employees are linked to the philosophy of the brand, both get enhanced.

Consider the establishment of a channel of corporate social responsibility. Some organizations  improve even more the cohesion of the team using digital communications, to promote the social responsibility of the company (CSR). Most consumers today expect that companies focus on the world in which we live, as well as in their own interests, and this, of course, it is transmitted to the attitudes of employees. For example, the use of digital signage to communicate CSR initiatives and to highlight the relevant achievements both in the level of employees and the business, can help employees to feel proud of your organization.

Digital communications are a lot more than a way for companies to communicate with customers. They are also excellent for communicating with employees and provide companies with many opportunities to do so in an entertaining and effective way. Not only can devices such as digital signals and mobile phones be used to quickly inform employees in case of an emergency, but they can also be used for countless daily applications, including reminders of deadlines, recognition of employees and information on how they are endeavoring to make the World better.

The use of digital communications for a better employee participation helps to create a more cohesive workforce, with better morale and, therefore, a greater willingness of employees to give their best effort. It is fast, flexible, more respectful towards the environment than printed materials, and offers endless possibilities for content programming.

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