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Benefits of Music Programming in Different Places - MediaChannel

Benefits of music programming in different places – MediaChannel

If you have ever have entered in some place and wondered why do they have on certain type of music, it is likely that there is a good reason for that.Several studies have shown that consumers spend more time on a store and buy more when there is music in the premises.

Music can be used to make your business more attractive and to make people wanting to come back, even if they have no plans to buy anything. It is obviously important to make a good musical study and choose those songs that go in accordance with the target audience of the business.

Music also takes on great importance in the medical centers, where people are generally a little bit anxious before the visit; in this case the music programming plays a very important role in the  relaxation status.

Success in music programming

In MediaChannel, we have already had several experiences in music programming. For example in the area of health, we have set a space so that the waiting time was more enjoyable and was perceived as shorter, palying very quiet music, with the possibility of including messages with information periodically to inform the patient without the feeling that his space has been invaded.

The selection of music type was generated according to the  expected experience that it wished to be produced. This was determined in the first meetings with the client, knowing the target market and valuing the type of experience that the client wants to provide to its customers.

In addition, we work with boadcasting specialists, in order to  define accurately how often to play a type of music or introduce a message, when to program slow or fast music, how many songs should be played, among others.

In this way we set musically a proper environment, improving the areas that our customers need, and in this case, once again, we achieve our goal, successfully.


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