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Encuesta de satisfacción

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Customer Satisfaction and Purchase Experience

I have visited the store of a well-known retail self-service brand. As always and before buying the product I noticed the decoration and signage of the store, the disposition of the clothes and other products, the music, the attitude of the employees. After  a few laps I decided to buy what I had been looking for: a shirt.

How many times have we been sent or called to do a satisfaction survey and have we not had feedback after our observations? In most cases we felt that our comments were merely another procedure within the company and nothing else happened.

Today I want to share with you a process that will help you to evaluate the customer satisfaction, experience and result of the product, and with this we will be giving a sense of interest to our client, apart from having feedback on how we are being seen by our consumers.

A case of evaluation of the shopping experience

While we were doing the process of payment for the product, the employee told me the advantages of being part of their program. I almost always accept, not because the offers, but for the hope of seeing how they will evaluate my total experience. It struck me that it was the person in charge and also the cashier who offered me the customer card.

Voilà! … came the satisfaction survey with the subject: “Your opinion matters a lot to us, tell us about your shopping experience!” And all this in less than 6 hours after I joined your program. Other emails also arrived with the conditions of the program and the formal welcome signed by the president of the company.

I found a simple 10-question survey and evaluated customer satisfaction and the purchasing process; by the way I spent 5 minutes answering it. In this case it included the measurement of the indicators:

  • The general condition of the store in terms of appearance, order, cleanliness, background music, lighting, condition of the dressing rooms, check-in lines and payment flexibility, quality of the items, etc.
  • Satisfaction with the shopping experience and reasons.
  • Degree of recommendation of the store.
  • Degree of recommendation of the brand.
  • Intention to buy back in the same store.
  • Client profile: sex, age, annual expenditure on clothing and accessories.
  • Open question to leave a comment.

My surprise was when three months after my purchase, they sent me a second satisfaction survey and the subject said “How about the shirt you bought?”, They asked me to evaluate the following aspects:

  • Satisfaction with the product
  • Exhaustive battery of affirmations about the appearance of the product (changes in its appearance, wear, deterioration, etc).
  • Product washing and frequency of use.
  • Problems with accessories and closures (zippers, buttons, etc.).
  • Problems with colors, patterns, embroidery, etc.
  • Return of the product, in case of deterioration.
  • Intent to repurchase, depending on the result of the product.
  • Demographic profile.
  • Recommendation of the brand.
  • Open comment question to leave comments.

But here I took advantage of to refer in some questions comments or not so good grades; I clarify that I did this un purpose, just to see what would happen. So, to continue with the experience, the following Monday I received the call from Customer Service to corroborate and clarify my dissatisfaction with the product and offer all the help required to reverse my discomfort.

Now, I can say and share that there is someone who really follows up with their clients. By the way, they do not just take care of the comments to improve accordingly, also they call their clients to understand why they rate well in the surveys and go deeper on  their strengths.

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