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It is no secret for anybody,  that day by day the road chaos increases. For people who take their car to travel every day to their jobs or their various commitments, driving through streets saturated with cars often becomes a source of anguish and stress. Accidents due to drivers’ lack of patience and good signaling are also very frequent.

Certainly a new and better road infrastructure is required to improve traffic, especially in the capital, and in that, digital signage can contribute, and much!


I remember some years ago being on a highway in the United States in the middle of a large traffic jam, the traffic was slow and I was beginning to despair. As I went a little further I could see a digital screen with the forecast of traffic on that road, the time it would take to get to the next exit, and the reason for the traffic jam … At that time it seemed like magic! Having access to the information brought me back to peace, I already knew what to expect, and my attitude as a driver changed.

Examples like this are just one of the many uses that can be given to digital signage on the road. Within the communication possibilities are:

  • Provide information on road hazards or accidents on the road
  • Provide information of national interest, such as weather alerts or other important events
  • Provide educational content and tips for driving responsibly.

In addition, digital displays can be used to monitor and monitor a local transportation system, as does the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which houses one of the largest control rooms in North America. , and uses the VideoWall digital screens to carry out the supervision of its public transport system with great success.

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