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In MediaChannel each product is adapted to our customers and their needs, this is the case of what happens with digital signage in Hospitality, since on touch displays we are not  selling products nor services, understanding that the guest is already  there, rather, our secret in this way is to provide experiences and useful information for them.

How to define the correct information for your Hotel?

We define this information once we know the type of Hotel where we are going to work, since not all Hotels are the same and neither are their guests. For example,  a vacation Hotel, is not the same as a business Hotel, then in this case, the information we put on the displays can vary greatly, from tours to exchange rates of the national currency.

Experts in digital information through displays

At MediaChannel we have a lot of experience in the Hotel industry; We work with large chains in the country, like the Marriott Chain, and the experience has been very successful. There we use digital signage to communicate services, promotions, events or places of tourist interest.

A very useful information for any Hotel is that of the local Airport; what we do is provide in real time flight schedules, weather, etc. In addition, these informative displays are also very useful to provide information about events scheduled at the Hotel, so people can easily locate themselves and go where they need to go.

Also in some Hotels we use digital displays as reinforcement of their own products, for example the menu, promotions in the cafeteria, or the concierge service; in this way we ensure that your guests are always well informed

The use of technology in an intelligent way is something that we at MediaChannel do very well. We are convinced that it is not only to have good products and install them, but to run that extra mile and offer strategically designed solutions to optimize the use of the products.

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