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Digital Signage Media That Contributes To The Environment

Recently I heard some news both interesting and disturbing. In the city of Beijing, China, a digital signage company decided to place large LED displays, in the middle of the city, so the inhabitants could enjoy the images of a beautiful sunset, or a sunny afternoon of clean air, in the middle of this city covered with a dense layer of gray haze due to its high levels of pollution. These digital displays help citizens to cope with this hard experience of their daily living, with images that remind them what is it to live in a clean environment, and at the same time, they intend  to be a wake-up call to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of environment.

Benefits and contributions of digital displays

Taking this example as a reference, we realize that digital displays have many more uses and purposes than those t we usually attribute to them, but at the same time, they are a resource bay itself, allowing us to take care of the environment.

And it is in this second point that we would like to stop, since the digital signage or communication through digital displays, beside from its known benefits, such as: the immediacy of the message, the spectacularity of the images, the efficiency in the communication, the diversity of uses in terms of themes, and the construction of brand image, also have a very important collateral benefit,which is to reduce the ecological footprint left by traditional print advertising.

And it is not only about saving paper, but also all related accessories, such as inks, solvents, glues and others. On the other hand, although digital displays consume energy, thanks to LED technology, greater energy efficiency and durability are achieved compared to traditional displays.

Thus, companies such as MediaChannel and customers who use their digital signage products contribute with their social responsibility to reduce environmental pollution and seek, with the acquisition of new and better technologies, to continue contributing to the public health of the markets where they operate.


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