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Digital Totems: The New Form of Large Scale Signage - MediaChannel

Digital signage has come to revolutionize the way to advertise and label products and services at the point of sale and outdoors, changing the traditional posters by dynamic audiovisual content with vibrant images, video and even audio.

Within the wide range of digital signage products there is one that we get used to seeing, first, in shopping centers, and now increasingly, in the streets: the digital advertising Totem.

The digital Totems are the modern version of the famous mupis of yesterday, only now they have been replaced by high resolution displays that can be updated and managed remotely and immediately, unlike the large traditional posters that we used to see in the large cities and shopping centers.

Increase your impact with Digital Mupis

With these advertising Totems or digital mupis your ads have a greater impact and effectiveness, thanks to its ability to inform dynamically and even interact with the recipient or user. In addition, thanks to their size and visual appeal, they are the ideal tool to attract attention in crowded or busy areas.

How many times in a large mall do we need to find where the store of our preference is located? Or, being at a bus stop do we want to know the route that leads us best to our destination? So, with a digital Totem we can see where we are and where we want to go, the route that suits us best according to the places (or stores) we want to visit, and much more.

Digital Mupis placed in strategic places inform us of events, products and even serve as an educational medium for social and awareness campaigns … all with the greatest ease of updating and a huge visual appeal!

And, as if that were not enough, by using digital Totems we are saving economic and natural resources, avoiding pollution by not producing printed materials that are later discarded, and saving on the use of fuel and personnel for the transfer and placement of the advertisements.

Totems or Digital Mupis are the most practical and durable solution to maintain their presence and communication with users and viewers, and is adaptable to any business or industry.

Consult with MediaChannel and we will gladly advise you on the purchase and installation of this innovative digital signage system.

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