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Etiquetas electrónicas en industrias de comercio

Electronic Tags – More commitment, more efficiency, more revenue – MediaChannel

One of the reasons why online sales continue to grow is that the shopping experience is getting faster and easier. In addition, prices and promotions can be changed with a click to capitalize on sales trends. And new ways are emerging for retailers to use the information they have about buyers to better focus on them with promotions and rewards, wich, being more personalized, are even more successful.

So, as we discovered last month, many retailers are looking to capture some elements of the digital experience and take them to physical stores.

Combining virtual and real worlds

Our SmartESL electronic tags are designed to help. They convert stores into digitally positioned spaces that allow retailers not only to display prices and promotions with the speed and accuracy they make online, but also to manage stores more efficiently and participate in new and interesting ways with buyers.

New tags and hardware in the store

Buyers want to know more about the products, from the country of origin, to the ingredients, prices of the competitors, organic certificates, social reviews and more. Our SmartESL labels have space to display almost any data and we also have 10″ labels that take this further, with enough space for product specification lists side by side – to help buyers choose between new TVs, for example . Both labels are large enough so that you can rent space to the brands, creating a new source of income by allowing them to promote their products and packages on their labels.

When we designed our SmartESL platform, we turned it into a business class and a light infrastructure. For example, it is not necessary to have servers in each store, you only need compact wireless communicators that are installed by bracket and fed through Ethernet.

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