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Electronics Tags Smart ESL - Price Automation - MediaChannel

Etiquetas electrónicas en tiendas

Electronic Tags Smart ESL- Price Automation – MediaChannel

The electronic labels are the best in terms of quality, efficiency, readability, duration and robustness. The solution is essential for the automation of stores and allows the precision and precision of the prices on the shelves to meet the competition, obtain a competitive advantage, maximize margins and gain the confidence of the customer.

The Smart ESL solution allows points of sale to execute dynamic prices for:

  • Fully automate one of the most challenging store functions now facing retailers: the weekly price change
  • Manage the growing need for flexibility and price accuracy at the edge of the shelf
  • Respond immediately to your competitors.
  • Obtain a competitive advantage in specific markets
  • Centralize the price function
  • Maximize margins with instant price reactivity
  • Win the client’s trust
  • Modernize stores and improve a digital image

Electronic Tags SmartESL

MediaChannel offers two different styles of labels: segment and graphic. Both ranges have standard electronic labels for the edge of the shelf, as well as the labels only for freezers, hooks and large signals. All labels work together in the same system, allowing you to mix and match according to your needs.

Main Features

  • Visibility up to 10 meters, configurable for the location of the client or associated
  • Graphic display of electronic paper for better readability in any circumstance
  • The most readable segment displays
  • Large displays for fruits and vegetables and electronic devices
  • The longest life time in the market and the replaceable battery cassette
  • Bidirectional communication, mandatory for geolocation solutions
  • Mounting solutions to join the rail, hang, fix vertically or place horizontal furniture
  • Universal rail adaptation and patented design to join shelf
  • Time saving and Staff on site

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