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Not so many years ago, going to a seminar or a business event meant being in an auditorium in front of a stage, with one or several speakers sitting behind a table or before a rigid podium, projecting images of a presentation on a small white display … But those days are long gone…! Today, companies have a huge range of technological resources to communicate with their audiences in an effective and captivating way through digital displays.

Digital displays not only allow you to show your products in a more realistic and interactive way, but they can create truly incredible environments that will totally involve the viewer. The experience of entering a business event where the walls are covered with displays that act in sequence, telling stories, showing the products in action, producing visual and auditory impressions, generates an indelible impact on the audience, which is priceless.

Parties and Sporting events are also an occasion for digital displays

Wedding Parties, Graduations, Fifteenth Birthdays and more, are also occasion for the use of digital displays that show details of the party, bring us closer to the musical set and provide additional entertainment.

The same thing happens with sporting events and concerts where, through giant displays, we can approach the players or the artist, and the viewer is enjoying a greater presence, filled up with color, dynamism and energy.

Generating this visual impact of quality is possible using the different technological resources that exist, such as giant displays, videowalls, programmed sound, and many others that can be adapted to the wishes and needs of each client.

Media Channel, your advisor on displays and digital signage

But, although there are all the technological resources mentioned, sometimes it is difficult for companies and individuals to know which would be the optimal equipment for their needs Therefore, in Media Channel we have a technical team of experts who will be able to advise you in every decision, step step, to get the most out of your team and your event.

Contact us, ask for a quote and turn your event into an opportunity to impact your audience!

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