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Digital Signage Statistics

Key statistics proving Digital Signage are a powerful to implrove buyer’s interaction.

  • Capture: more views than fixed signs. 400%
  • Increases the average buy rate up to a 29.5%
  • Skyrockets customer satisfaction on a 46%
  • Generates a 32.8% on buyers return.
  • Encourages customers to stay up to 30% more on the POS
  • It has a 83% recalling rate.
  • Increases customer retention up to a 30%
  • Creates a 32.8% in traffic on your POS
  • Reduces the perceived waiting time at the Cash Register up to a 35%
  • It has a 47.7% efectivity on Brand recognition.
  • 59% of people watching digital communication wants to learn more about the exposed item.
  • Improves employee productivity up to 20% – 25%.
  • Digital Signage helps to reduce workplace accidents up to 20%
  • A Multinational Company saves up to $500 millions using digital signage on all its operations.