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Canal Interno de comunicación en negocios

Internal communication channel to achieve immediate communication with customers

Since some years ago, EPA, the chain of hardware store products,is our client in MediaChannel. We started by placing digital screens in the cash registers of all their points of sale, in order to offer them a digital means of communication that would provide greater brand visibility for their customers and in order to have them for longer exposed to different messages.

However, we found another need, EPA needed an internal communication channel to impact people during the purchase decision process, offering immediate communication while walking through the corridors. This is how we started a research process; We propose a series of tests, we look for different tools to solve the needs, we assessed the use of  small screens, giant screens, screens in the corridors, etc.

And then, we started to test the messages according to the size of the screen and its location, seeking to offer effective communication. Thus, we verified that it would be ideal to place 4 screens of videowallen strategic points in each EPA store in the country. The videowalls would be used mainly to communicate promotions with opportunity products.

This accurate decision achieved an increase in the sale of stocks of products promoted in the different VideoWalls. This is just another great success story for MediaChannel, which we are very proud of.

Your company could be the next to achieve effective communication.

It is important to emphasize that this success is achieved, thanks to our knowledge of the customer’s problem, we set a goal and started a research process that allowed us to effectively detect and resolve the needs of our client. We are also convinced that we achieved this thanks to the fact that the client was involved in the process and trusted our recommendations.

In MediaChannel we are very grateful for the trust that our clients place in us, this motivates us to continue working, to continue innovating and to keep reaping more and more cases of success of effective communication as well as we achieved it with EPA.

If you have any need in the area of ​​communication, we invite you to contact us. With our digital media you could be our next success story.

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