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Señalización digital en interiores de Restaurantes

It has to have a hook! – MediaChannel

We live in a digital world, the cell phone is our eternal companion and we make use of every opportunity in which we have a free time or rest. So, how to make my clients or users interested in my display and what would I communicate in it?

The answer: A HOOK.

A hook is that information that is displayed on the screen and that makes it an indispensable media for the viewer, so that while we have their attention we can communicate the desired information.

Of course there are different hooks and they are suitable for different industries, here are some examples:

Restaurants: It may seem obvious, but achieving a digital menu that provides clear and concise information will allow customers to pay attention while they wait in line to order and avoid getting to the cash register to ask about the options, even more if that information is reinforced. Attractive images or videos of the products, in which case we would even influence the purchase decision.

Hospitality: Is the guest vacationing or is it a business trip?

Well, there are options for both alternatives: imagine that you are going for a walk in an area that you visit for the first time, how much would you appreciate if you were given information such as the weather detail, will it rain? Do we look for an indoor activity? Will tomorrow be just as sunny? Provide the guest with automated information that influences being constantly watching the display, and in turn can communicate information about tours, promotions, activities or other messages in which you find value.

Or what if for a business, hotel offers exchange rates information, news, flight schedules, in short, key information for guests which they will appreciate.

We can find solutions for all types of services, calendar of events for employees of a company, control of queue for banks, television channels for long time waiting areas, informative flyers for universities and colleges …

Just ask yourself what information the user would like or need to see, and provide a reason to look at the display.

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