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Key to Success- The Content Is Everything and is The Only Thing

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Frequently we wonder  what is needed to have a successful digital signage network . Naturally, the question becomes increasingly common as there is increasingly greater presence of digital displays in retail environments, Food Service, Health, Hospitality and even in public bathrooms. For this reason  we decided to share one of several keys to success: the content is everything and it is unique.

Now it sounds well, it is somewhat obvious that content is essential, but you would be surprised to know that normally content is left last in the list of priorities. It should be clear enough that this it is not TV. It is not the Web. It is not traditional signage. It’s digital signage !

The digital content must have enough movement to attract attention but its message and duration must be adjusted to the place. What if it is a giant LED display on a highway with an opportunity to see 3 seconds? Or else, you could be standing in line in a waiting room for 10 minutes. The same digital content does not apply for both cases.

The digital content must be not only attractive and striking, but it must first be relevant to the time and place where the audience is located. If I am waiting to pick up my vehicle in the workshop waiting room, I would like to know about the means of payment for my technical reviews, promotions in accessories, loyalty plans. Although it may seem like a good idea, you do not necessarily have to have exhaustive advertisements for new vehicles, because if I  want a new vehicle, I would probably be in the sales room.

Finally, the creation of digital content is not free, although it seems obvious to emphasize it. If the content is so important and must be relevant, it is necessary to generate it frequently. It is better to choose a good ally with a good platform so that the content does not make the implementation of its digital signage network more expensive; otherwise, we guarantee that the most expensive part of a project like this will be the creation of content.

You have greater interest about how to generate content suitable for your digital displays? Here a talk of 4 minutes on content and their correct application.

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