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A VideoWall system can be very useful in your business, giving you infinite options for different creative uses, but first you must know correctly what a VideoWall is.

What is a VideoWall system?

A VideoWall system can be understood as a union of professional displays or monitors that are synchronized to show useful and attractive content, and at the same time, simulate a large display.

The idea of ​​VideoWall systems is to form a giant super display on a chosen surface, giving businesses an image of a very high economic value. If you want to show content that attracts many people and catches your attention is one of the best options.

Its versatility and adaptability facilitate its use thanks to the many innovative options with which we can show the content in an attractive way, since, they can be built and assembled in many different ways; These can be vertical, horizontal, major or minor, original forms can be assembled so that it adapts in the correct way to the content and space to be used, using separate, circular, ladder-shaped, panoramic displays can also be mounted easily and quickly and you can use all those that become necessary to meet the objectives.

The sharp and high definition images, thanks to the good quality can get to have a positive impact on consumer perseverance, therefore, they are perfect for different types of events such as the fair, a concert, congresses or simply a local or business .

Advantages and uses of a VideoWall system:

  • Stores and Locals: if you want to show new products, advertisements or animations in your premises, the VideoWalls are the right ones because they attract immediate attention.
  • Restaurants, bars and pubs: for this type of business it can be used in two different ways at the same time, since it can be used to project eye-catching backgrounds for clients or sports competitions, events, shows, concerts … or it can be used to show the menu
  • Transportation stations: we can use the VideoWall for the display of announcements as well as to provide information to users about routes, delays or schedules.
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