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Music Helps Us Increase Sales – MediaChannel

Often we have wondered the importance of music in our commercial premises or offices. Well, now we have several studies among them the Millimam in 1982, which tells us that there is an increase of 32% more time used in the supermarket and that this in the end reflected a direct increase in sales.

With this in mind, we are now presented with several questions that we must answer before selecting some variables within our business or company:

Should  we hear Hits or not?

This will depend a lot on what business we are talking about, for example, if we are in a bar or restaurant we will try to have music that keeps us up to date and this will generate an interaction and affinity between the diner and our local.

On the other hand we have the case of the offices where we recommend more generic music that maintains a good atmosphere and relaxes our staff.

What intensity should the music have?

Well, we discussed a little about the type of music, now let’s talk about the speed of it. We know that we have places where work is repetitive and boring, we should put music with a faster tempo. On the other hand we can also schedule times in the music and combine it with the energy that our staff has. For example, in the morning, when our employees come with more energy, we can play soft music, and after lunch, increase the strength and type of music.

Now on the other hand, we should study  the case in a restaurant, in order to chek onn the type of client that visits us, and how fast we want to turn our tables on. Here we can analyze the case of the QSR or fast food restaurants, where we want an important rotation in the restaurant, without the customer perceiving that we want him to leave. On the other hand, in a more formal restaurant, we can lower the intensity of it so that our customers can visit us on all meal times, allowing us to increase our sales.

Who would helps me to select what I need?

In the market there are several companies that provide private radio service, however, not all will help you in the real selection of your needs. In order to acomplish this, it is better to look for professionals who will understand your needs and have the experience to be able to advise you to achieve the best outcome on your sales.

Finally, we must remember that music in a commercial store should try to please two parties, your employees and your customers. If you do not have good music for both, your employees will probably sabotage your project.

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