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Digital communication in Costa Rica

In MediaChannel, we started working with Cosi a few years ago. Cosi trusted our work, our experience and gave us the freedom to analyze and implement changes in the menus, in order to offer a better consumer experience.

The main need for Cosi, was an aesthetic subject; they wanted modern and aesthetically attractive restaurants. This is why we implemented digital menus, and later, we wanted to turn the digital menu into a sales tool, influencing the increase in sales, launching products, helping solve stock problems , showing the seasonal menus, etc. We can really say that Cosi has managed to get the most out of digital menus.

Communication is vital to the success of each project

It is worth recalling that this success is due to excellent communication between MediaChannel and Cosi; we always state that the key to achieving a good project is to go hand in hand with our clients so that they can give us feedback and we can put all our knowledge into practice; It is here where we have achieved amazing things, such as increasing the sales of a product that did not move as much, simply by changing its position in the menu.

At MediaChannel we are very happy and grateful for the trust that Cosi has placed in us during the last years. We are proud to know that our products become allies for our clients and help them resolve situations and improve day by day.

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