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Label your products in real-time with pricing and information about your company.

Electronic Tags

Technology has helped us improve our lives and now you can benefit from it in a new way.

Know an innovative option to label the prices of your products or give information in your company with which you can access great benefits and avoid unnecessary complications.

The electronic tags will allow you to

  1. Maximize the functions of your collaborators
  2. Avoid selling at incorrect prices
  3. Improve the visual impact and modernization of its facilities
  4. Optimize the time of use of rooms and meeting spaces.

We also work with your databases or the ERP which allows us to change the information in real time so that you can put updated information and correct errors

You only have to worry about making the decision to make an improvement to your business and we will install everything, we will give you technical service and training.

Contact us and take the first step to the future of your business.

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