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Need strategic placement? MiniDisplays are the answer.


Señalización Digital a través de MiniDisplay

Sometimes even less is more.

Depending on the type of communication we want to achieve with the client or user, a giant billboard may not be necessary, but rather, a small, well-placed digital screen.

This solution of minidisplay screens has different presentations with sizes ranging from 7 “to 20”, simulating a “tablet” but with the industrial characteristics that are required for a good operation and the benefits of digital signage:

  1. Direct contact with the user
  2. Content management remotely
  3. Messages always updated and rotating according to the need.
  4. Savings in impressions and POP material

Communicate in a versatile way, in those places where space is limited, or that are very close to the viewer:

  • Payment boxes
  • Rows
  • Shelves
  • Receptions
  • Counters

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