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SelfieFrame brings screens to Weddings – MediaChannel

Do you remember your last party?

Your guests will compete with their cell phones to see who took the best photo or how the cell phone went hand to  hand accompanied by a laughs: “That’s great! Pass it to me with whatsapp “- Says one ” Ooops! Terrible! Let’s get another one please! “- It’s heard in the background.

Social networks and mobile phones have made photographs an important part of our social life and SelfieFrame has taken advantage of this trend. SelfieFrame uses digital signage so that guests of an event can instantly share photographs of their phones on screens placed inside the event room. A photo taken with the cell phone, It is sent by whatsapp to the SelfieFrame number. The photo appears on the screen seconds later! After all we are not so serious in MediaChannel, we love helping SelfieFrame to make people smile!

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