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Not long ago creating a stage for a play was a task that required not only a lot of planning and design, but the construction of rooms, props and more. A job that, in addition to requiring a lot of time and use a lot of materials, sometimes has to be discarded or requires storage space once the work is finished.

Today, new technologies in digital screens also invade the entertainment market, and in this case, theater, facilitating the creation of diverse scenarios with enormous agility and a realistic image, on which the viewer is impressed. And without waste of materials or storage need.

The new proposals in digital communication go from Led screens of great size and resolution, to video projectors that perform mapping directly on the stage. This combined with the range of the Internet, broadband, WiFi and multimedia platforms, make the possibilities infinite to create the best environment in the performing arts.


Nowadays, in many plays around the world, one can observe the increasingly frequent presence of new computer and digital technologies that are integrated and complementing previous technologies, in order to better tell a story and provoke a more realistic experience in the viewer.

Depending on the Stage Play or show, the LED screens are used as an expressive and creative resource to compose images in both set design and lighting and mapping, replacing the real scenographies with projected images.

Many stage plays have successfully incorporated digital screens to their staging. In Argentina, “Casi Ángeles 2009” used several panels of mobile digital screens to obtain a dynamic scenography that the show required.

In Madrid, the musical “Today I can not get up” based on the music of Mecano, placed a giant digital screen to play scenes on the Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol and other locations, making the viewer feel like a passerby more immersed in the big city.

Another way in which they are beginning to use digital screens in the theater is placing them on the street, in order to popularize and make accessible certain shows to the general public, who does not know or can not pay to enter to see a function.

Thus, the use of digital screens is increasingly wider and covers more productive sectors and services in the world. Consider also the many ways in which digital signage can help grow your business!

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