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In MediaChannel we offer different means of digital communication, with all of them  we achieve an effective communication media for our clients when  promoting, providing information or publicizing their products; that’s why today we want you to get to know our 5 star digital communication products and their benefits:

# 1 Informative digital display

Our informative display is the most used one; Its qualities are: it is agile, practical to implement, and at a very low cost, since most of the clients already have a display in which we can simply implement our platform.

# 2 Digital Menu

Another of the most used products is our digital menu, which provides a lot of flexibility when showing the menu of a restaurant, because it is not based on  printed media. With great attraction and ease you can show your dishes, prices, promotions, seasonal offers, etc. in a fast and effective way.

 # 3 Digital Totem

Digital totem is a type of digital signage that is widely used in shopping centers to promote stores, products or give general information. Its great benefit is that they are extremely easy to implement in places of high traffic such as hallways, since they do not need to be stenciled or paced on any kind of support. They are simply installed and ready.

# 4 Display for the queue controls

The QueueControl is an informative display that allows ordering the attention in different types of premises. This tool goes hand in hand with what is the consumer experience. Very popular in banks, since they are very useful to ensure better control and order in the service to customers.

# 5 VideoWalls

The VideoWalls are the mixture of several displays in order to form a single large image. They are used in stores, showrooms and shopping centers. VideoWalls can be formed to get displays of 80 or 160 inches without the need to invest thousands of dollars in a display of that size, achieving a great impact at affordable costs.

Just like all these innovative digital products, we have many more that will be very useful for your business to achieve the effective communication you so desire.

Contact us and we will gladly advise you.

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