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Why Digital Displays in my Business?

Every day that goes by, is more difficult to reach our potential customers. We have a lot of information coming from all sides, so, the question is how do we get to them more effectively and if this will generate more income for our companies.

One of the great opportunities today is to use digital signage, many of our businesses already have digital displays, which we only use to entertain our customers, but we do not take full advantage of them. These displays are means by which we can transmit digital content such as promotions, information to our staff or general information to our customers.

Also having digital displays of any size, allow us to transmit modernity, innovation and even experience to our users.

Have you already really thought about the advantages of having digital signage in your business?

I would dare to classify this into 4 large areas:

  1. Communicate internally to my collaborators
  2. Generate new revenue
  3. Give my business a new look
  4. Promote services and products

1. Communicate internally to my collaborators

We always wonder why our people are not aware of the events that happen within the company. The answer is very simple, is because we get bored reporting new activities, achievements or policy changes, right?

The advantage now is that we can have an internal channel using displays in places where people interact, near the printer, where water is served, in the cafeteria … And the information will be more interesting, with movement We should not be using the email or the cork board to make this happen.

Here we can not only take advantage of informing about the activities, but also apply simple training techniques to personnel who are in remote places and who do not have access to a computer or email.

2. Generate new revenue

The digital displays, not only allow you to share your information. Have you ever thought about making the most of that space and ask your suppliers to buy spaces on the displays?

Very often, in the marketing areas we do not worry much since every year we apply cuts to the budget. Well, now we have a tool that changes this “line of expenditure”, into an income.

3. Give a new look to your business

Digital displays are distinguished by expressing modernity and innovation, in addition to attracting attention and transmit quality to the product. When you start to digitize your communications, you start to change the experience of your client on the site. This service is so innovative that you could be passing promotions or information associated with the people who are visiting you at that moment.

By the way, do not forget that the displays can be combined with a private radio broadcasting that gives you more atmosphere and experience to the customer that is enjoying in your premises.

4. Promote services or products

Digital signage allows you to speak in your language and be impacting the one you want at the right time. Can you imagine being in a fast food restaurant and communicating only the products you have on site? How many times has it happened to you that not all of your stores serve the same, but do you have the same menu for everyone?

Or what would you think about only showing promotions, by place, time and / or day? The truth is that a digital signage tool like this can make your return on investment greater and simplify your way to reach all your customers.

But do not forget also how easy your workday could be, knowing that all promotions will be at the right time, making an impact on your sales.

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