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Digital signage increases the experience in Fast Casual and fast food restaurants – MediaChannel

Digital signage is not just a pretty display; It is also a tool which increase sales, customer experience and much more. Fast Casual Restaurants and fast service continue to take advantage of the many possibilities of digital signage, from localized marketing to the integration of the loyalty program.

Internal and external benefits of the use of digital communication:

There are multiple benefits of digital deployment both inside and outside; Here we mention several key elements:

  • Bring the menu to life with promotions and specials;
  • Remotely update digital menus;
  • Offer service to people who do not speak the native language of the country;
  • Reduce the waiting time;
  • Increase sales by 25% with kiosk orders, as users tend to ask for more add-ons;
  • Eliminate the need to call numbers from manual queues; And
  • Improve customer commitment with digital displays.

We believe that restaurants can use media improvements such as rotation of photos and videos, customers will get to know the brand better than with static displays.

Outdoor digital signage helps reduce labor by eliminating the need to physically update static displays. It also helps improve the accuracy of orders through tools such as sharper images or digital kiosks. Other benefits include:

  • Digital displays tend to increase sales by 20 percent;
  • Ability to integrate mobile orders;
  • Greater precision in orders.

Interior and exterior requirements to locate signs or digital kiosks:

There are unique challenges for environments, both indoor and outdoor, that need to be addressed before restaurants can implement digital signage or digital kiosks.

For indoor technology, commercial / professional displays, which are designed for restaurants, are recommended. It is also recommended that restaurants choose LED displays with HD resolution to capture the user’s attention.

We also recommend kiosks with large displays and peripherals that are easy to repair. For touch displays, restaurants should select capacitive touch displays for greater accuracy.

For outdoors, restaurants need to make sure they have optically bonded glass to avoid damage from heat and UV rays. Other requirements include:

  • Ability to withstand extreme heating;
  • Visibility under intense sunlight;
  • Cooling technology without fan; Y
  • Connection through Ethernet.

Key challenges in the use of digital signage or kiosks

Restaurants must also have other challenges in mind when implementing digital signage or kiosks. The biggest element for any digital tool is the cost.

The entry cost can be high depending on the amount of funds available for the menu boards. The easiest way to determine if the cost will be worthwhile is to do the research.

Another challenge is finding the right provider to meet the needs of your restaurant. It is recommended that you find one that provides hardware, software and service – all working together on a technology platform to manage digital devices, software and content.

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